Terms Of Use

  1. Forumzoone Terms of Use

    [We are a mainly german forum, so this rules maybe not actual]
    1. User

      • 1.1 The forum is intended for zoosexual people. Who has problems with this topic, should not announce itself.
      • 1.2 The use of the site is intended exclusively for individuals of legal age.
      • 1.3 Each user assigns a user name to himself. This may be used freely, but may not contain any references to criminal interests. User names with references to paedophilia or cruelty to animals will be deleted immediately.
      • 1.4 For your own protection, it is not allowed to publish information in the profile that allows conclusions to be drawn about the real identity. So no full names, addresses, phone numbers, employers, etc.
      • 1.5. profile pictures: for security reasons (to protect the person depicted) we do not allow portrait pictures (pictures of the face). In addition it is forbidden to use pictures which exclusively show human genitals (penis / vulva).
      • 1.6 A user account can be deleted independently by the user. This does not happen immediately, but after 7 days after the account has been terminated. Contributions and other contents remain even after the account deletion.
      • 1.7. A working email address is required for a user account, one-way/trash email addresses are not allowed.
    2. behavior

      • 2.1. there is a polite tone in the forum and in the chat. Insults, defamations and threats are expressly forbidden.
      • 2.2 Zoophilic people are often discriminated against by prejudices and misinformation. Therefore we wish for a tolerant and cosmopolitan cooperation in the forum. For this reason racist, gender-hostile and other discriminating statements are forbidden.
      • 2.3 No animal pornography will be published or linked in the forum.
      • 2.4. without exception prohibited content:
      • 2.4.1. any form of pedophilia and child abuse in text and images (including links):
      • 2.4.2 All forms of sexual and non-sexual cruelty to animals
      • 2.4.3 No links to sites known for paedophile content. This also applies to zoosexual websites with a corresponding reputation (e.g. 3animalsextube)
      • 2.4.4. publishing real names and data (doxing) or publishing private communications (e.g. mails, chatlogs)
      • 2.4.5. don't "spam" in the chat (always repeat the same writing) or "flood" (write unnecessarily much in a short time).
      • 2.4.6. antizoophilic expressions
      • 2.4.7 It is forbidden to offer animals for money. This also includes descriptions such as "feed participation", "expenses participation" or comparable formulations. Animals are not goods and we hope that our members see this as well.
      • 2.4.8 Performances and the contact area are not (pro- and contra-) discussion areas. Corresponding posts will be deleted.
      • 2.4.9. Women's disdain for formulations (e.g. women as "Ehesau", "Fickfleisch" or similar) is prohibited. The same applies to formulations that despise animals.
      • 2.5. non-verifiable members will be banned if they:
      • 2.5.1 .acting fraudulently
      • 2.5.2. imitate or copy other identities
      • 2.6 Unwanted persons will be blocked immediately. These are persons who are:
      • 2.6.1. are known for dishonest intentions
      • 2.6.2. are known as pedophiles or animal abusers
      • 2.6.3. are aware that they want to harm the forumZOOne itself or its members
      • 2.6.4. have been blocked and logged in with a new account (ban evading)
    3. Verification

      • 3.1. we have the following forms to verify user members:
      • - as a woman
        - as a pair
        - as pet owner
        - the admins personally
        - particularly trustworthy users members
        - as author of storyZOOne.
      • 3.2. you can verify yourself with the following administrators: techNick, XjoeyX
      • 3.3 The way to verification:
      • 3.3.1 Women and couples verify themselves with a selfie on which it is clearly visible that they are a woman and with a text on a piece of paper provided by the admin.
      • 3.3.2 Animal owners verify themselves with a selfie on which the animal is clearly visible as male or female and also with a given text on a piece of paper.
      • 3.3.3 Women/couples can also be verified as pet owners.
      • 3.3.4. members who are personally known to an administrator get this status on request from the admin team.
      • 3.3.5 Users / members who have distinguished themselves on the basis of their level of awareness and their positive reputation / behaviour are identified as trustworthy.
      • 3.3.6. storyZOOne authors get the status as soon as at least one self-written story has been published.
      • 3.4 Of course, submitted images will not be published or forwarded and deleted as soon as the verification process is completed.
    4. Data protection

      • We store as little information as possible. All user data is required exclusively for use in forumZOOne. We respect the privacy and anonymity of our users. Under no circumstances do we pass on data to third parties. The only exception are cases of pedocrime.
    5. self-protection

      • Zoophilia is a controversially discussed topic. In recent years, a partly fanatical anti-zoo scene has developed. There have already been cases in the past where individual zoophiles were picked out, exposed and thus attempted to cause maximum damage. We recommend every user to be careful with personal data and not to give it to strangers carelessly.

(Last update: Oct 5th 2020, 12:30 pm)